Season 10
1st June - 25th June 2023
Organised by

Chandigarh Football League will be conducted in following age groups:

U07 Player born in year 2018 or 2017
U09 Player born in year 2016 or 2015
U11 Player born in year 2014 or 2013
U13 Player born in year 2012 or 2011
U15 Player born in year 2010, 2009 or 2008
U18 Player born in year 2007, 2006 or 2005

Team Composition
U07 3v3 (max 5 players)
U09 4v4 (max 6 players)
U11 5v5 (max 7 players)
U13 7v7 (max 10 players)
U15 7v7 (max 10 players)
U18 7v7 (max 10 players)

Each team will have a maximum number of players (boys and girls together) based on the age group along with one team coach. Each division will have one mentor - who will provide technical assistance to coaches during practice sessions and will also monitor the league matches to ensure fair play.

Team Formation

CFL aims to nurture healthy competition in all divisions - therefore, the organisers will assess the skill level of each participant and divide the children into various teams ensuring a balanced team is formed based on multiple factors including skill level, age, height, etc.

We do not encourage kids from same school forming teams with each other - as the aim of this league is to allow the kids from different schools interact with each other. The team coaches will be required to ensure participation of all kids (irrespective of the skill level) as each team is expected to play at least 8 matches - during the league.

Player Registration

INR 3000 per player (includes minimum 8 league matches + player assessment & team training sessions with BBFS coaches + CFL Kit + Awards & Certificates.

Tournament Venue

Dev Samaj College, Sector 45, Chandigarh

Match Day Schedule

Each team will play a minimum of 8 matches.

Matches will be played throughout the week depending on the age group to ensure active participation from all. Team practice sessions will also be held - these sessions are compulsory for all team members to ensure the team learns to play together.


CFL aims to promote football among youth in the tri-city - therefore, anyone who falls under the age group of 5-18 years can participate in the league. Friends and family who can ensure participation for the entire length (or for majority of it) of the league can register with us.

Other Essentials

Player's kit will be provided to each participant from the organisers.

Parents are required to provide the player with football studs, shin guards and a water bottle. Footballs, cones, bibs, corner flags and other accessories will be provided by the organisers on the field.


Player and parents' regular participation is imperative for the league's success. The schedule for the matchday and the practice sessions will be pre-planned - therefore, we request all parents to respect their commitment and plan well ahead in time.

Some parents/kids are expected to be away for a vacation for a few weeks during this period - thus we plan to have adequate strength of players and one manager/coach with the team so that the team composition is not disturbed.

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